Mr. Hamid Alghizzi


I was born in 1973 in Iraq, Basra city which is adjacent to the Kuwaiti border. In addition to having Kuwaiti relatives, the geographical proximity of Kuwait to the city of Basra enhanced my  exposure to the Kuwaiti culture and dialect from my childhood all the way to adulthood, for instance, interacting with  Kuwait nationals  who used to cross the borders freely during the eighties during which and the Kuwaiti TV channels where mainstream TV in every Iraqi household in Basra.

The exposure to Bidoons was enhanced following the Iraqi invasion to Kuwait in 1990 as many of them were deported by the Kuwaiti authorities and the majority of them lived in the Iraqi cities of Basra and Thi Qar. 

 In 1994 I completed my Bachelor Degree in Petroleum Engineering at Baghdad University, and in 2006 I completed my Master degree in Environmental Pollution Control at Birmingham City University and I worked as an environmental researcher and advisor in 2007.


Since 2012 the main domain of my work was working with immigration law firms specializing in immigration and asylum work. I have worked with over 1000 immigration related clients. I have provided consultations for solicitors who sought my advice, I have also issued reports for their clients to be used as evidence in courts.

I had the chance to visit Kuwait several times, the last visit was in October 2018. I therefore witnessed directly the life of Bidoons in their main hometowns such as Taima and Sulaibiya.

 Taima – 29th of october 2018 

 I became familiar with their cities, streets, shops and landmarks, I also had the chance to meet some of Bidoon prominent figures and activist.

In Summary:

  • I was exposed to the Kuwaiti culture and dialect from my childhood all the way to adulthood.
  • I am familiar with Bidoon areas in Kuwait as I previously visited them.
  • I have an in-depth knowledge of the Bidoon’s history, activities and longstanding problems.
  • I have had contacts with hundreds of Bidoons including some known political activists.
  • I have issued reports that have been influential in the court’s decision process.
  • I use a thorough and a detailed method of assessment.


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